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On Thursday 16 September 2021 (Australian time) Scott Morrison, along with Boris Johnson and Joe Biden announced what he called “A new enhanced trilateral security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States – AUKUS”.

Renegade Activists assume that most readers will be aware of this announcement and have followed the discussion, so we are not here going to attempt to present a definitive all-encompassing paper on AUKUS. Much has been written on the subject: we are re-publishing some of that here and encourage you to read up.

Rather, we assume that by the time you have found your way to our site you understand that we are militantly anti-militarist and rather than convince you that ‘AUKUS is bad’ we hope to provide some information on the various aspects of AUKUS and Australia’s role in the militarisation of the region that concern us.

As our name implies, we are an activist organisation and our primary concern is in activating the broader peace and social justice community to take a stand. To this end we have convened the ‘Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus’ on the first Thursday of every month. You can find the videos of the speakers from each Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus here.

Our particular concerns with AUKUS:

A Lack of Transparency

Why Now?

Nuclear Submarines

Troops, Bases & Weapons

Nuclear Proliferation

AUKUS & Technology Co-operation