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Renegade Activists present on various community radio programs, through community radio 3CR. You can listen back via the links below.

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A Friday Rave
Friday 5:00pm to 5:30pm

A Friday Rave is on the road with Jacob in the Thumpin’ Pig. Bringing peripatetic ponderings on the mess we’ve got ourselves into every Friday at 5pm.
Jacob Grech

Uprise Radio
Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:00pm
A radical current affairs program providing a critical analysis of a topic in the news cycle that deserves closer inspection.

James Brennan, Jackson McInerney & Mercedes Zanker.

Stick Together
Wednesday 8:30am to 9:00am
Australia’s only national radio show focusing on industrial, social and workplace issues. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.

Annie McLoughlin, Rebecca Maes, Tilde Joy, James Brennan & Jackson McInerney.

You can listen back to Renegade Activists and friends talking all things AUKUS and Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus as guests on the 3CR Community Radio programs below. You can find more information and discussions via A Friday Rave and Uprise Radio (listed above). You can also hear the recordings from the webinar itself on 3CR Monday Breakfast and 3CR Thursday Breakfast.

Solidarity Breakfast – host of Uprise Radio and Renegade Activists’ James Brennan on AUKUS and the Raucous Caucus.

3CR Monday Breakfast Phuong speaks with Mercedes Zanker of Renegade Activists, organisers of the Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus, and fellow 3CR presenter on Uprise Radio.

Tuesday Hometime – Jan Bartlett speaks with Renegade Activist and presenter of A Friday Rave, Jacob Grech on AUKUS and the implications for Australia. 

3CR Thursday Breakfast –  hear from Dimity Hawkins, one of the speakers at the Raucous Anti-AUKUS Caucus webinar. She joins us to talk more about the implications of the AUKUS pact with a specific focus on the announcement of nuclear subs that accompanied the announcement of the alliance. 

 Think AgainJennifer speaks with Liz Turner from Renegade Activists about the various campaigns coming together to oppose AUKUS and some ideas for how to get involved.